Privacy Policy

Welcome to our Privacy Policy! Here we will explain who we are, how we take care of your information, and what protection measures we adopt to ensure the highest possible security in our relationship.


Our goal is for you to make the best financial decisions, with transparency and security. It is important for you to know that we protect your information just as we protect our own, and we always respect your privacy.


We also aim to clarify how your data is handled by companies in our group. For this, we present our Privacy Policy, or “Policy,” which complies with international and national data protection standards.

This Policy explains how your personal data will be used on our website to promote not only our services, products, and publications but also those of third parties.


It is important to emphasize that these guidelines do not apply to websites or other related services over which we have no control, and therefore, we are not responsible for the relationships established between you and the products and services of third parties that may be recommended to you.

To start, let’s answer a very common question:


What is data? What data are we talking about?


Answering this question is very important, so we will explain some words or terms that will be used from now on:


Personal Data: means any information provided and/or collected by Estoa and/or its affiliates, by any means, even if public, that directly identifies you, or that, when used in combination with other information treated by Estoa, is capable of identifying you. Remember that your Personal Data can be in any media or format, including electronic or computerized records, as well as paper-based files.

Non-Personal Data: are those that do not allow your identification, such as which pages of the site were visited by the user, when they were visited, which hyperlinks were clicked, which content or services were requested or indicated, among other data that do not provide personal information, i.e., do not allow your identification.

User: any natural or legal person who accesses or uses, by any means, including mobile devices, cell phones, tablets, personal computers, internet browsers, and other means of access that may be developed.

The user of a website is also known as the Data Subject. In this “Policy,” you may also be referred to as a user.


How can we access your data?


The amount and type of information collected by Estoa can vary according to your will, authorization, and the use you make of our websites and our tools.

Let’s explain how we can access your data:


Data provided by you: are the data you provide when you register and/or fill out forms offered by Estoa, to access free content on our websites and platforms (e-books, quizzes, and similar) or to participate in the personnel selection process. For example, these are data such as email, full name, phone number, address, and date of birth.

Data from third parties: we may also collect data about you from publicly available sources, service providers, and partners who provide us with your data in accordance with applicable law and respecting your privacy rights. Other websites, such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram, may provide us with some data, provided you have previously authorized them, so that Estoa can enhance your experience by providing you with the best products and services.

Navigation data: are the data we obtain even when you do not fill out forms or request any free content from Estoa. Navigation data, by themselves, cannot be considered personal data, therefore, they are non-personal data that indicate, for example, which pages of the site were visited, when they were visited, on which hyperlinks you clicked, which content or services were requested or indicated by you, your approximate location (latitude and longitude); your IP address; information from your access device (such as unit identifier, advertising identifier, name and type of operating system); and information about your internet connection, among others.

How do we use your data?


Estoa uses your data to:


Accurately identify you, thereby ensuring your greatest security and protection, preventing possible fraud;

Provide our products, services, and also those of third parties, from the analysis of your profile. With this, we aim to indicate the best products and information according to your real need and reality, enhancing and personalizing your experience on our website;

Improve our communication with you, sending you emails so that you have access to our content and our offers; and

For studies and improvement of our data treatment technologies, such as the formation of user profiles, making these data non-identifiable.

Does Estoa share your data?


First, it is important that you know that Estoa does not sell your personal data.


Estoa may share your personal data provided or collected with other companies in the group, as well as third parties, in the situations described below and within the limits required and authorized by law:


In relation to third-party companies, or partners, as a rule, we only share non-personal data, such as behavioral data. Personal data will be shared for the purpose of indicating products and services that best suit your needs and/or to provide products and/or services requested by you, provided there is your interest. Our partners are only authorized to use the personal data for the specific purposes for which they were contracted, therefore, they are not, and are not authorized, to use your personal data for other purposes, besides the provision of the services contractually foreseen. Thus, any companies that have access to your personal data must treat them consistently and in accordance with the purposes for which they were collected (or with which you previously consented), as well as in accordance with what was determined by this Privacy Policy and all applicable privacy and data protection laws.

For administrative purposes such as: research, planning, service development, security and risk management; and

When necessary due to a legal obligation, determination of a competent authority, or judicial decision.

Estoa reserves the right to assist or cooperate with any judicial authority or government agency and may share the Personal Data of Users in order to establish or exercise its legal rights or protect its properties or when it considers that its assistance or cooperation is necessary, to enforce or apply other agreements and/or contracts; or protect the rights, property, or safety, as well as those of our employees and/or other users.


When complying with an administrative request, Estoa may provide information to the requester of the information, provided that you have authorized it, as determined in the General Terms and Conditions of Use.


What are your rights and how can you contact us?


It is very important that you, the data subject, know that you have not only the right to obtain, but also to control, at any time, upon request to Estoa:


confirmation of the existence of data processing;

access to the data;

correction of incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data;

the anonymization, blocking, or deletion of unnecessary, excessive, or data treated in non-compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD);

the portability of the data to another service or product provider. In this case, your express request is required, according to the regulation of the national authority to be created, observing the commercial and industrial secrets of Estoa;

the deletion of personal data processed with your consent, except in the cases provided for in the LGPD;

information, if any, of public and private entities with which Estoa has shared data; and

information about the possibility of not providing your consent and about the consequences of this refusal, in addition to those already mentioned in this Policy.

For more information, check >law no. 13.709, art. 18.


Moreover …


You may, at any time, change the acceptance or not of Cookies in the configuration of your browser, noting that by disabling navigation Cookies, some of the functionalities of Estoa may be impaired, and your experience may be compromised; and

You may also choose to disable the DART Cookie on the page containing the privacy policy of the advertising and content network of Google. If you do not agree with Google’s Cookies and want to disable them, just access the official page, to control how Google uses the Cookies collected in its advertising network.

If you are interested in resolving your doubts, addressing any requests, presenting complaints, or obtaining other information about products and/or services available on the platform, you may contact us through online chat or by sending an email to: [email protected] or through Contact Us.


Moreover, you should also use this service if you have any doubts related to our relationship with your Personal Data or believe that your information has been used in a way that is incompatible with this Policy or with your choices as a data subject.


How do we protect your data?


Estoa adopts practices and technologies that are constantly reviewed and improved, according to technical and regulatory advances, both national and international.


All our measures to preserve your data against unauthorized access, use, alteration, disclosure, or destruction include physical and logical data protection, encrypted communications, access controls, adherence to secure software development, internal compliance policies, accountability and risk mitigation measures that enable security throughout the data lifecycle. Moreover, your data are stored in secure databases, renowned and internationally recognized, such as GoogleCloud.


Nevertheless, Estoa cannot guarantee that our services and those of other components of the business group, as well as the security of the databases used, are completely inviolable. But do not worry, besides adopting the best existing information security practices, in the event of an incident that compromises the security of your data, we will take swift measures to inform you and reverse such a situation.




By accessing and/or using the Estoa website, you are aware, declare, and agree that:


You are at least 18 (eighteen) years old and fully and expressly capable of accepting the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy for all legal purposes. If you do not fit the description above and/or do not agree, even in part, with the Terms and Conditions contained in this Privacy Policy, you will not access and/or use the services offered by Estoa, nor the websites and services operated by her;

Estoa follows international and national standards for data storage, protection, privacy, and transmission, noting that no method of storage, protection, privacy, and data transmission is 100% secure and inviolable,

Estoa DOES NOT send emails to its users requesting payments, or confirmation of personal data;

Estoa may conduct research within your history to obtain greater and better information about your profile and thus, indicate personalized products and services according to your preferences and needs; and

Estoa and partner companies may invite you to participate in satisfaction surveys, where you will be sent messages with necessary instructions and the data collected will be used to administer the survey, with the aim of seeking improvements in the system and in the products, content, and services offered by Estoa and by partner companies.

If you contact us to report a problem, a question, or obtain support with us, you are aware and agree that Estoa collects and stores the information from this contact, as well as the respective messages and other data necessary to investigate the problem or question and that these data will be used to resolve any queries based on the collected information, clarify doubts, correct problems and improve the system, enhancing your experience with Estoa.


Update of the Privacy Policy


The world is always changing and evolving, therefore, we reserve the right to review and change our Policy from time to time. Therefore, it is important that you return to this page periodically to ensure that you are familiar with the most current version, that you are aware and agree with all the information we collect and also with the way we treat your data.


If you do not return to this page, Estoa will assume that you are aware and agree with everything stated in this Policy and its updates.


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